Thursday, December 17, 2009

Favorite Christmas Songs--Part 3

Finally here are my top 5 favorite Christmas songs to listen to on my MP3 player!

Mary's Boy Child by Harry Belafonte
There are other versions of this song, one by Canadian group Boney M that our local soft-rock station plays at Christmas time, and one that I've heard by Little River Band, both in a faster tempo and more upbeat than this one, but Harry's version was the first I ever heard of this song, and still the best. Quiet and really gets you into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

O Holy Night sung by Josh Groban.
Josh's voice is so rich and mellifluous I could listen to it all day. Lots and lots of others have sung this song, but his is my favorite. (And btw, my very least favorite version is by Aretha Franklin--I don't know who told her it would be a good idea to sing this song. She sounds like she's bleating and yelling. I had to listen to this version several times one day when it was playing on a looping CD in the Christmas aisle at our store and I was in the next aisle pulling outdates. I wished I had earplugs.)

A Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney
This simple song, while somewhat repetitive in the chorus, has a certain magic sound for me. Paul is taking joy in the simple things of Christmas, and it's like he's telling us all to relax and enjoy the season. I like seeing him and Linda in the video as well.

Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
This song almost makes me cry every time I hear it. Beautiful, haunting, and really gets you thinking about how Mary must have felt about her situation and the events to come. Nobody does this song better than Amy.

Stille Nacht as performed by Mannheim Steamroller
This is another song that gets to me every time I hear it. Its quiet spirit epitomizes Christmas and the reverence we should feel at the thought of this tiny babe coming down to the earth to save us.

So there you have it. I like lots of other Christmas songs and have over 200 Christmas songs in my playlist on my MP3 player, but these are my favorites.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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